• Monday 06/22/15 – Mike O’Reilly

    Monday 06/22/15 – Mike O’Reilly TREDD – Test Requirement Driven Development focuses on improving the efficiency of the product development process. It allows Agile methodologies, such as  SCRUM, to execute and deliver product features to the marketplace with greater effectiveness, quality, and collaboration. Test Requirement Driven Development places a renewed emphasis on quality and accountability, …

  • Agile Day’15

    Thursday 9/17/15 – 6th Annual Agile Day in New York City. Check out the conference program here: http://www.agileday2015.org.

  • Tuesday 05/19/15 – Jesse Fewell

    Tuesday 05/19/15 163 WILLIAM STREET, 2ND FLOOR, NYC AT 5.30PM Topic: Innovation Games – Using Collaboration to Solve Business Problems Sponsors and supervisors alike demand solutions to tough problems: How do we prioritize competing interests? How do we get clarity on needs? What are the hidden opportunities we’re missing? But too often, our solutions don’t …

  • Common Craft Video Agile Day’14

    Watch the common-craft video produced by Kramer, David Williamson and conference attendees during the Agile Day’14.