2/27/2012 Agile NYC OPEN

The OPEN is open.  Are you in ?


Monday, February 27th

Theme: “What is so executive about agile?”

Download Proceedings (~23MB)

The Agile NYC community has spoken. One of the most popular formats during the past two Agile Day conferences returned as a stand-alone full-day event. Open Space is a platform for learning and collaborating and because attendees loved it we will keep organizing it. A very special thanks goes out to the Agile Alliance which supports Agile NYC and our OPEN which is 100% self-funded and sponsor-free. The Agile NYC OPEN is a word play because NYC is home to the US Open. Only you will decide if our OPEN will be a grand slam as well, and you did!

The very first time, we were able to incrementally produce proceedings from the sessions after each time-slot. That allowed us with the beginning of the closing circle to share complete proceedings with the audience which produced it, you. Like a fresh off the press newspaper, attendees walked out with the information captured during the sessions. Something like that is waiting to be copied in our industry!



09.15 – 10.00 Breakfast
10.00 – 10.45 Opening (Welcome and Marketplace Creation)
11.00 – 11.50 Sessions
12.00 – 12.50 Sessions
01.00 – 01.50 Sessions
02.00 – 02.50 Sessions
03.00 – 03.50 Sessions
04.00 – 04.45 Closing

The Agile NYC Open is a unique full-day Open Space event with only one topic, the open space itself. As many of you know, during open space conferences, the participants will create a marketplace and agenda in the morning of the event. So everyone had the opportunity to either convene a session or participate in somebody else’s session. It is the nature of an open space that we didn’t know what we will be discussing until the morning of the event. We have themed this year’s OPEN with the question What is so executive about agile? We invited participants to work through topics relevant for project managers, middle management, executives, CEO’s alike. The limit was 150 attendees. In Open Space events, the sessions are continuous and we were not breaking at a specific time for lunch.

Jochen Krebs

Jochen (Joe) Krebs Jochen (Joe) Krebs is an agile coach, trainer, consultant and practitioner. Joe started Agile NYC in 2007 with the goal to create a community of agile professionals in NYC who have a platform to learn from each other. Since then, Agile NYC steadily grew to over 1,300 professionals interested in agile topics in the tri-state area alone. Joe is also the host of the Agile NYC podcast.

Since 2005, Joe coaches and delivers trainings and workshops to organizations through his company Incrementor. He helps organizations with the successful adoption of agile processes (Scrum, XP, Lean and other iterative-incremental processes) either on a corporate enterprise-level or team-level. His programs are characterized by a unique blend of knowledge transfer with hands-on work. Joe is the author of two books, “Agile Portfolio Management” and the “RUP Reference and Certification Guide”. He also published numerous articles in magazines about agile practices and processes. When time permits, he speaks at conferences, private client events or presents at other local user group meetings.During the Agile NYC OPEN, Joe is planning on convening a session as well as recording segments for the Agile NYC Podcast. So please stop by at the Agile NYC Podcast booth.

Frank Saucier

Frank Saucier is a creative project leader and team coach with over 20 years of experience spanning web projects, technology marketing, software development, technical writing, application engineering, and technical training. By leveraging the depth and diversity of his background, he’s able to help teams bridge the knowledge gaps that often manifest themselves as impediments. He calls it “knowing the in-betweens”. Paired up with his style as a collaborative leader, he’s able to champion teams that include executives, marketers, designers, developers, and engineers. His industry background includes Telecommunications, Design Automation Software, Defense Systems, Electronics, and Manufacturing.



Dan Mezick

Dan Mezick is a coach and Open Space facilitator serving teams, project sponsors, executives and entire communities in NYC, Connecticut and Boston. Dan has direct experience facilitating Open Space meetings with up to 100 persons participating. He has planned or facilitated six Open Space meetings for various corporate clients in 2011 alone. His most recent experience includes facilitating a private, 70-person, corporate-retreat Open Space event, executed completely out-of-doors under a large tent!

Dan’s (upcoming) book, The Culture Game, provides specific step-by-step guidance on how to use and leverage Open Space to help develop a more open, adaptive, and collaborative company culture. Learn more about Dan here.


Bill Joiner

Bill Joiner is an international speaker and thought leader on agile leadership. He is the lead author of Leadership Agility, an award-winning book, rooted in 5 years of deep research, filled with dozens of real-life stories. Bill’s work brings a new perspective to agile leadership that draws on over 30 years of experience as an Organization Development consultant. His extensive research on the subject has shown that, as leaders move through successive stages of personal development, they develop the mental and emotional capacities needed to become increasingly agile leaders. He has articulated a framework of leadership agility levels (in leading change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations) that informs his consulting, coaching and training work with senior leaders and their organizations, and his training workshops for leadership coaches. He is President of ChangeWise, a Boston-based firm that has partnered with Cambria Consulting to create the Leadership Agility 360. ChangeWise also certifies coaches in the use of this next generation feedback instrument. Bill received his doctorate in Organization Development from Harvard University.

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