10/21/13 – Karen Favazza Spencer

MONDAY 10/21/13


Do you ever wonder why some of those seemingly corny Scrum practices work so well?

Do you ever ponder why simple experiments and short ritualized interactions are more effective than hour long meetings?

Have you ever exceeded the 7 plus or minus two members to a team rule, with negative results?

Are you amazed by the increased engagement of your team when the old use case requirements are re-formatted into user stories that answer the question why?

If yes, then you are ready to peer behind the veil of Agile at the psychology at play. Join us to not only learn how the psychology behind the rules leads us to success, but to also gain insight into how  you can better apply the same psychology to the specific challenges facing you in your current circumstances.

Karen Favazza Spencer

Karen Spencer is an Agile Coach and Scrum Master living on the Boston North Shore. Karen has also held the corporate roles of Project Lead, Business Analyst and Business Manager. She has a background in Education and Psychology and a Masters degree in the Learning Process from Lesley College. An energetic and up-beat person, Karen maintains a strong user perspective and consultative focus when working with teams. She is known for her ability to clearly communicate complexity to both technical and non-technical audiences. Karen strives to “make it easy” for her associates with an attitude of shared ownership. She coaches teams in behaviors that strengthen collaboration and capture complex conversations with paper models that literally, as well as metaphorically, get teams on the “same page.”

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