Agile Transformation Kata

Pre-Order  your complimentary Agile Transformation Kata Poster

Pre-Order your complimentary Agile Transformation Kata Poster

Changing an eco-system like a company to an agile organization, is a complex endeavor. Using a prescriptive, plan-driven approach is not going to be successful. Why?

First, in an agile transformation you can’t know the end-state and big upfront planning simply does not work. Secondly, to get large buy-in and support from everyone, the leadership team needs to lead by example. We want to show you a different, more agile approach.

Incrementor has played a vital role in many agile transformations with our international clients for more than 10 years. Today, we are the first to release an actual agile process to go through an agile transformation journey with an agile mindset. We call this process pattern the Agile Transformation Kata. The Kata can be iterative and uses a set of core techniques that support an agile mindset within the leadership and agile teams alike. You can start with our Kata by downloading our white paper or ordering our Kata Poster.

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