Incrementor is specialized in Agile Transformation services. We have been around for more than 10 years and have implemented many successful Agile Transformations globally at all sorts of customers, depending on their needs.  

Story Telling

one Strategy that is well received is a ‘story telling’ agile transformation approach that consists of the following steps:

1.    Story Inspiration: To perform an assessment of the current state and exploring the agile transformation ambition of the company.

2.    Story Making: Based upon the assessment and ambitions, we build a story with the staff involved. For example, we might organize a so-called “inspiration day” with appropriate speakers using Open Space. In other situations, it is also more prudent to deliver a tailor-made 1-day workshop.

3.    Story Telling: As per the need of the client, perform targeted trainings and coaching. Start small, proof success, spread the joy.

4.    Story Spreading: A further roll-out of the agile transformation. Differs per company. We want to make sure that the story sustains; regular follow-up check-in's are recommended.

Organizational Agility Program (OAP)

Complex eco-systems, such as organizations, are often aiming to increase agility as a whole. Depending on their size, maturity or market, their starting point and key focus area might differ.



This program connects your entire organization together by developing the agile mindset in all functions at all levels depending on how ambitious you are.

based on our experience, we have developed a program that focuses on the following key areaS:

  1. Collaboration 
  2. Adaptability
  3. Innovation
  4. Value

This modular program goes way beyond a training experience or workshop alone and steers the path towards increased agility. It combines training, self-Directed learning, team and individual goal setting as well as assessments. 

While we are performing the program, you will experience an abundance of techniques and tools that will grow your agile culture.