Agile Workspace Design

Agile teams need the right space to flourish and to be productive. Traditional team space, offices and infrastructures often prevents teams from doing exactly what the agile manifesto suggests doing:

"Build projects around motivated individuals. 
Give them the environment and support they need, 
and trust them to get the job done"

At Incrementor, we have an abundance of expertise working in agile team environments and we understand that every person, team and organization values different things and is working under different constraints. Putting top notch agile talent next to interior designers we can transform your work environment into an agile think tank people love to work in and produce amazing things. Over the past 11 years we have positively influenced so many work environments that adding this service to our offering was a logical next step. 



We analyze the situation, needs, constraints and desires from your team and stakeholders. Interview, observation from a practical perspective and combining it with an inspirational design possibilities will produce progressive designs for you to chose from.   


Happy people produce better products.  When people enjoy their work environment that allows them to be creative and productive, good things will happen. Our services include design ideas that match your budget but also makes sure that every design increases agility. "Cool" must go along with practicing agile as well as your corporate identity. 


We are working hand in hand with you on implementing your chose design. Just like in any other agile process, we inspect and adapt while we go along and refine as needed. Implementation does not end with handing over the keys, our approach will continue to assess the design in action and propose additional changes as needed.