Agile Marketing

This hands-on, practical 2-day course is designed to learn how Agile is applied in Marketing projects, Sales and Business Development. In addition participants will learn how Marketing teams align and optimize their work with other teams that are using Agile (e.g. IT teams). That is in particular true when Marketing teams work in e-Commerce or Mobile App Development projects. Applying an agile approach to Marketing projects will help steering marketing campaigns and keep them in synch with other parts of the organization. 

Agile Marketing is more than simply applying the same Agile principles which we apply to software development projects. Agile Marketing also includes Different techniques that bring Projects to life. This course will showcase various agile frameworks that can be used to marketing projects but also emphasizes where the framework needs to be complimented with real-world patterns to make them work in this industry.   

Joe Krebs has worked with numerous clients world-wide to apply Agile Processes in Marketing and Business Development. He worked with teams applying Agile to strategic business expansion projects, mission critical campaigns as well as smaller, more tactical marketing efforts. Examples of a more tactical marketing effort were flyers, jingles, promotional videos, advertisement for TV and radio stations as well as sales pitches.