Two Powerful Features for Backlog Management Released. (Groomer and Tweetster)

Version 2.0 of the Agile Nomad comes with two very powerful features for nomadic teams. Let me introduce you to the "Groomer" and the "Tweetster".

The "Groomer" gives teams the option to bookmark a backlog item to be marked for future backlog refinement sessions (a.k.a. grooming or story-time).  When items enter the backlog they are often raw, large and not brainstormed. This feature allows teams to spot items like this in a backlog and bookmark them. With a simple swipe to the left gesture on your device, the item will be marked with a dot next to it. Unmarking, when an item was refined and is ready for prime-time would follow the exact same steps.  Video.

The "Tweetster" is probably the easiest way you have experienced tagging in a project management tool. Every word in the backlog item description that starts with a hashtag like in twitter "#" becomes automatically a tag. There is no complicated tag and category administration like in other tools. This feature is designed for agile teams that group items and want to label or theme those items together with a tag/category. Video.

Jochen Krebs