Agile Nomad 1.2 available in AppStore (iPod Touch)

Version 1.2 of the Agile Nomad is now available in iTunes. The new version contains support for iPod Touch and adds two big features to the backlog management. 

In previous versions, the Agile Nomad supported iPad and iPhone only. The addition of the iPod Touch adds a low(er)-cost hardware alternative to the offering. The iPod touch provides the same rich set of capabilities of the Agile Nomad as the other devices, just on a 4" screen.  With this version of the Agile Nomad, we cover the wide spectrum of iOS devices.

In addition to a the device, we also released two features to compliment backlog management. First, team members can mark an item, similar to a bookmark. We envision teams that would like to revisit a backlog item (e.g. user story) at a later point in time again. These backlog refinement sessions are crucial in agile projects and we have now added a feature for teams to easily mark those items. 

The other big capability allows teams to "tag" backlog items. Compared to other tools were tags are managed and selected, we took a more simplistic yet powerful approach. team members can use, similar to Twitter hashtags add a "#" in front of any word in the backlog item. It becomes automatically a tag. Those tags will then allow teams to group or theme their backlog items.



Jochen Krebs