Postal Service turns into Car Maker

Imagine the United States postal service becomes a car manufacturer.  You might think that sounds a like an outrageous idea, but exactly that is what happened in Germany. Back in 2012, the german Postal Service wanted to change their existing fleet to electric delivery vans and couldn't find any existing products on the market. Existing car manufacturers, and there are several of them in Germany, weren't at all interested in it at the time., 

Deutsche Post StreetScooter Work

They then found a small company (Street Scooter) that was interested in producing those vans, but the postal service decided to simply buy that company and produce their vans using StreetScooter's capabilities but building the van under their control. 

Just when you think that is already a pretty cool story in itself, it just gets even a bit cooler. Once the Postal Services began delivering mail to households using the trucks, local handymen, small construction business and other dellivery services asked if it was possible to purchase a van directly from the Postal Service, and the answer was "yes!". 

Deutsche Post eBike

In 2017, the Postal Service increased capacity for the SreetScooter and established an alliance with Ford to produce larger vans (StreetScooter Work XL) as well. e-bikes compliment their mobility offering.

This is truly shifting the business model from a pure delivery service to a company that produces tools and infrastructure to become a distributor. Considering there is a massive market alone in the mail delivery business waiting for them (Fedex, UPS, Fresh Direct etc.), they are well  positioned for the e-mobility age.

This is truly Innovative combined with  a large portion of courage, Deutsche Post.... I must admit that I underestimated you.

Jochen Krebs