Scrum Popularity

During conferences and teaching engagements we often get the question about the popularity of Scrum in the IT industry, in particular in terms of market share compared to waterfall projects. Incrementor wouldn't be the best focus group for this kind of question as we are exclusively surrounded by companies interested in improving their Scrum game. That said, I came across this interesting statistic. A bit more on the lighter side, but below is a chart of the popularity of the word "Scrum" over the past 217 years.

Popularity of the Word "Scrum" - Noticable increase since 2000.

You might argue that this increase of popularity might be related to an increased popularity of the sport of Rugby where the name Scrum originates. Two charts below that indicate the opposite using two other terms from the world of Rugby with opposite or neutral effect in the same time period.  I used; "Scrummage" and "Ruck" as the benchmark. I guess, people like to say and/or do more Scrum since 2000 ...

Popularity of "Scrummage"

Popularity of "Ruck"

Popularity of "Ruck"



Jochen Krebs