Last Day of School

A few more days and all the kids in America are officially on summer break. Just last week, I was reminded how visual a learning environment is, especially on an elementary school level. Kids were engaged, participated and smiled and there was no escape from learning wherever you looked in the room. No question, creating the information radiators is hard work, but the rewards are very high. Honestly, what school environment do you prefer? 

classroom elementary.jpg

Instinctively we often think that the room on the left is more "mature" and for older kids and the room on the right is childish and therefore targets only very young kids. I understand that many adults don't want to sit on the floor,, but the rest of the environment shows a great degree of transparency and visualization with paper-products. It actually is very engaging and allows collaboration. 

If are taking this example and compare it with work environments, where would you like to work? Which environment will produce better results? 

So, when you go back to your work, while everyone else seems to be on summer break, maybe we can use the time and improve the environment we are in. Looks like corporate America has some catching up to do....

Jochen Krebs