Advanced Professional Scrum Master II Training - An Experience Report


As of November 2018, there are 181,000 certified Professional Scrum Masters (PSM I) around the globe, but only 2,400 individuals that went for the next level Scrum Master certificate, often referred to it as an advanced Professional Scrum Master or PSM II.

The large discrepancy of certificate holders might have several reasons, one being that many might not be aware of that the PSM II even exists. Others might think that the PSM I is simply enough to advance their career.

William Davis recently took a the PSM II training with us in South Florida (between Miami and Fort Lauderdale) and he dropped me a line after the training to let me know that he passed the exam. I asked him if he would be interested to share his experience with others in an episode.

In this podcast, learn directly from a past student, what impact this certificate has on the career of Scrum Masters as well as organizations that implement a Scrum Master journey. If you are interested in one of our upcoming PSM II open enrollment session, we have currently another session near Miami/Fort Lauderdale, New York City and Munich scheduled.

Jochen KrebsComment