Business Agility

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John Orvos defines Business Agility in this short video

 Business Agility by John Orvos 2018

Business Agility by John Orvos 2018

Companies are beginning recognizing the importance of extending this agile way of working beyond delivery and into the business to fend off the emergence of digital disruptor competitors: doing so is vital for any company to compete in today’s marketplace. By connecting agile ways of working between delivery and the business, your company can better understand its customers and quickly pivot on its product go-to-market strategy to serve their fast-changing needs. An agile business can sense market changes and quickly respond with competitive product offerings. As a result, it will compete more effectively because it can change direction on a dime to morph its product offerings and capitalize on market opportunities or thwart potential threats. Business agility, therefore, is the ability to sense and respond as a matter of everyday business. With the increasing numbers of digital disruptors, the ability of a company to sense market opportunities and threats and respond quickly with products that customers value is vital. 


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