The Agile Nomad is a your mobile companion specifically designed for agile teams that are seeking to unleash effectiveness and creativity through mobility. The first mobile app available exclusively for agile teams that aim for a small footprint. The Agile Nomad was born and raised by Incrementor in New York City.


Ipad, IPhone or IpOD

100% mobile, 100% iOS. 100% Agile. The Agile Nomad integrates with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to the fullest extend. This enables agile teams to collaborate, communicate and be more creative.

Chat and FaceTime

Chat with other agile nomads on your team or call them via FaceTime. The app tells them automatically which item you would like to discuss.


Your project is stored and shared with team members via Apple's iCloud technology. All updates are immediate and distributed to the other agile nomads on your team.



Shoot and attach images and videos  taken with your camera or import material produced by other apps directly from your camera. No down and upload of media elements. Super-fast, 1-touch link to backlog items.

Personalized To-Do List

In addition to all the features to support group collaboration, every nomad is just one quick tab away from a personalized to-do list.


Big Screen

The views in the app are lightweight to make it easier to use the project data. If needed, use a projector or Television with AppleTV to throw the information on a big screen.


Instead of slow data entry like browser-based tools, dictate text entries or record a voice memo directly in the Agile Nomad. It will automatically be attached to the item of your choice.         


The Agile Nomad has all the capabilities to be effective with Scrum, a very popular and successful agile process. 

Backlog Management

Comes with a set of rich features for common backlog management techniques, such as bookmarking items for refinement, color-coded themes and twitter-style tagging. 

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