Unsure Kurse sind keineswege theoretisch, praktisch und machine Spass. Teilnehmner lernen, was sie den nächsten Tag sofort anwenden können. Bitte melden Sie sich, wenn Sie einer der folgenden Kurse in Ihrer Firma anbieten möchten.

Scrum Training

The 2-day Scrum Training is very popular and a successful way of kicking off an agile project. Teams that experience this very hands-on and practical session together, immediately implement the concepts learned through the course in their projects. In the course participants will spend roughly 40% of their time in group or pair-exercises. Stepwise we will go through the Scrum process framework and learn by doing.

Product Owner

We created this 1-day training based on experiences from coaching assignments.  We will spend our time in exercises for a case study that shows the group the flow from an initial vision to an executable product backlog.

Participants will walk through ideation and visioning exercises, before creating features and eventually defining a product backlog. We will explore effective ways of writing user stories and how agile teams estimate them. We will also tackle non-functional requirements and how they constrain requirements or the overall system. Although this workshop targets product owners and product managers, we believe it is also relevant for executives, stakeholders and Scrum Masters.

Scaling Scrum






 Scaling Scrum provides answers to questions how Scrum scales to large programs and enterprises.  Participants will learn techniques in this 1-day course to initiate, steer, and sometimes kill agile projects within a portfolio. Attendees will learn how to make better investment decisions and to create and lead these large agile initiatives. Through several hands-on exercises, participants will explore Nexus, a non-descriptive, highly flexible framework for large initiatives . You will learn how to tweak and adjust this framework to make it work with success in their organization. 

Kanban, an agile process that has it roots in the Lean process family, has gained tremendous interest and popularity in recent years. Kanban helps agile teams by establishing continuous flow, transparency and focus. At Incrementor, when we craft solutions for our clients, Kanban often plays an important role in the overall approach. In our 1-day Kanban training we will draw from our experiences. You will not only leave with an understanding of the process,  but also with hands-on experiences through a Kanban project simulation.