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Kata Poster



Pre-Order your free copy of our Agile Transformation Kata for your organization. The Kata shows the steps, rules and roles in this pattern for organizational change towards business agility. We are currently accepting requests from the United States, Canada, European Union, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

You will receive an email confirmation when your poster is ready for shipment. We are only sending 1 Poster of each type of poster per order. Please have your friends and colleagues submit their own request if you need multiples. We will soon also release a white paper that describes this Kata in more detail.

At the payment step in the checkout procedure, no credit card required as this is free of charge, just press “continue”.

The posters are 24x36 inches in size/ vertical. Paper Quality: 80 lb. Gloss.

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Get a visual representation of the Agile Transformation Kata for your company. Onlly one poster per order please.