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Scrum (Certification)

The 2-day Scrum Training is very popular and a successful way of kicking off an agile project. Teams that experience this very hands-on and practical session together, immediately implement the concepts learned through the course in their projects. In the course participants will spend roughly 40% of their time in group or pair-exercises. Stepwise we will go through the Scrum process framework and learn by doing. 

We will cover for example beyond the basics of Scrum:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team member
  • Successful product backlog management techniques.
  • Designing a Scrum board
  • Daily Scrum, Stand-Up's practices
  • Sprint Review done right
  • Keeping Sprint Retrospectives interesting and engaging.

This course is in-synch with the most credible Scrum certification in the industry and participants are invited to take the assessment after course completion.