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It’s Summer, It’s Scrum. It’s time for the Scrummer Quiz!

Ken Schwaber signing Software in 30 Days for Scrummer Quiz 2019

Part 1: JUL 8th (Winners and Answers will be released on JUL 15th)

Part 2: JUL 15th, Part 3: JUL 22nd, Part 4: JUL 29th and Part 5: AUG 5th

For the next 5 weeks, every Monday, we will be asking you 3 questions in our Scrummer quiz and raffle off two books written by Ken Schwaber Software in 30 Days. One week later we will announce the two lucky winners as well as the answers from the previous week. Not only are we sending two books, those books are also autographed by Ken himself. In addition, we will add a complimentary Scrum Poster. We will reach out to both winners each week by e-mail and ask for their shipping address to make sure that the prize ends up in the right place.

Every submission counts, regardless if you got the answers right or wrong. In a week from now, we will announce the two winners of the first round and give you 3 new questions about Scrum. Round #1 is all about the “Daily Scrum” and if you are not among the winners in the first week, please remember there are 4 more chances to follow after. Good luck and have fun.

Summer is also the perfect time to get ready for the second half of 2019. Benefit from our 10+ years of agile transformation, training, coaching and staffing services. Let’s connect.

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