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It’s Summer, It’s Scrum. Round 3 of the Scrummer Quiz!

Ken Schwaber signing Software in 30 Days for Scrummer Quiz 2019

The two winners of last weeks’ Scrummer quiz are Yonga Christelle and Matt DiBerardino. Both will receive an autographed copy of Ken Schwaber’s Software in 30 Days by mail in the upcoming days. Congratulations!

The answers to last week’s quiz, which was all focused on Sprint Planning are: “Sprint Planning is the first event within the Sprint”, time-boxing “Reduces the risk of “Planning Paralysis” and “The development commits to the Sprint Goal”.

Including this week, we have 3 more rounds of the Scrummer quiz. Every Monday, we will be asking you 3 questions and raffle off two Software in 30 Days books written and autographed by Ken Schwaber the following week. We will also add a complimentary Scrum Poster. Both winners will be notified by e-mail and we will then ask for their shipping addresses to make sure that the prize ends up in the right place. Every submission counts, regardless if you got the answers right or wrong. Round #3 below is all about the “Scrum Master and the values he/she portraits”. Good luck and have fun.

Summer is also the perfect time to get ready for the second half of 2019. Benefit from our 10+ years of agile transformation, training, coaching and staffing services. Let’s connect.

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