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It’s Summer, It’s Scrum. This is the last Round of the Scrummer Quiz 2019!

Ken Schwaber signing Software in 30 Days for Scrummer Quiz 2019

Typically agilists try to stay away from the word “final”, but this week is the final round of the Scrummer’19. We will launch some more interesting learning formats soon, but this week is your last chance of winning one of the two copies of Software in 30 Days written and autographed by Ken Schwaber himself. We will also add a complimentary Scrum Poster. Below you can find out who has won so far and the answers from last weeks’ quiz.

Summer is also the perfect time to get ready for the second half of 2019. Benefit from our 10+ years of agile transformation, training, coaching and staffing services. Let’s connect.

Name *
Question 1: Which of the following statements about the Product Backlog is true? *
Question 2: Following Scrum means that the items in the Product Backlog are...? *
Question 3: If you had to give the Product Owner a Nickname, which one would describe her best? *

Here are the winners so far:

Round 1: Satya Chelluri  and Miguel Garzon

Round 2: Emagam Yonga Christelle and Matt DiBerardino.

Round 3: Markus List and Luis Diaz

Round 4: XXX, YYY

Congratulations Everyone!

Last week’s answers were

  1. Framework

  2. Not longer than 4 weeks

  3. Inspection, Adaptation, Transparency