Coaching services are situational, based on your team or organizational needs. Utilizing our years of expertise in agile project leadership, together we will define an action plan to promote a successful adoption of agile practices in your organization. That may mean working with your teams or a review existing agile practices to make teams more effective. Here are a few examples of our repertoire: 

Agile Teams

We infuse ourselves into your project and team and enable agility. All of our coaches are highly experienced and practitioners that can build an action plan to create and more importantly maintain an agile environmemt.

Scaling Agile

Is your project or organization very large ? We have many years of experience with scaled agile solutions and transformations of PMO's. As a matter of fact, we have pioneered Agile Portfolio Management since 2008 and are at the forefront in this agile industry for the past 10 years. 


Product Owner

We have a large toolkit of techniques for product owners to help with release planning, identification of  minimum valuable products (MVP) as well as day to day backlog management. This type of coaching will focus on building the right product in the right approach.

Questions about our coaching services?

Scrum Master

Enabling Scrum Masters to become more effective is a huge passion of ours. We can guide your Scrum talent through the initial steps of your journey or fine-tune through health checks and situational assessment even when your project is mid-flight.



Working with executives is bi-directional. On one hand we make sure that a company vision feeds into the agile initiatives while aligning the opportunities that stem from an agile process are being fully utilized on the executive level. 



Incrementor is highly active in the New York City start-up scene and we are extremely proud that some of the agile adopters have now grown into large international players using an agile process we have crafted with them.  



Some of our clients bring us in on a regular basis to facilitate their retrospectives and focus on continuous improvement of their process and project.